FFP2 / N95 - KN95  - Is the new standard for Airlines in Australia and Europe (EU)

Filtering Facepiece Protection (greater than N95 protection) 

4 Layers - Copper infused fabric.


1st Layer is 100% Copper-Infused fabric

2nd layer is 100% Polypropylene filter ( Polypropylene, the material now recommended for COVID-19 mask filters, which is built-in to our Copper Face Masks for added protection)

3rd  Layer is 100% Polyester

4th Layer is 100% Cotton

(anti-bacterial / anti-viral)   100% Cotton, Moisture wicking, Adjustable fit , Washable (up to 50x) /  Re-usable.

Copper, as it turns out, has Antimicrobial properties making it self-sanitizing inside and out.


FFP2 / N95 /  KN95 Type Information

QBM Quality Test report completed on March 20, 2020 for ( Coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2)


Custom Branding available (inquire about MOQ or request a quote for large orders for special pricing)

Inquire about Wholesale Bulk Orders - 500 Minimum MOQ.


Care Instructions:


Please wash your mask after every use

* Masks can be washed in warm/hot water

* Air dry or put in the sun

*Do not put mask in the washer or dryer


RE-USABLE UNISEX Copper-Infused N95 100% Cotton 4 Layer Face Masks

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  • Copper Plus - 4-Layer, copper-infused filter N99 Face Mask, Anti-Microbial, non-medical face masks for everyday use for Consumers.

    Adjustable ear loops, invisible nose clip.

  • Sorry, No Refunds or Returns as it's a Personal Product

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