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You can now enjoy having a High Quality Facial in the comfort of your home.

(for Day Spas and At-Home maintenance; Portable) Wireless, USB Rechargeable.


2021 - 7 Colour LED SPA QUALITY FACIAL MASK -  Rechargeable, Wireless, USB cable,  

 (for Day Spas and At-Home maintenance; Portable)

Features:     7 Colour wavelength frequencies (from Yellow to Blue and Red); Includes USB Rechargeable, wireless and lightweight, Unisex.

Applications:       Aesthetic / Beauty Treatment and Health depending on treatment desire   (e.g. circulatory health, acne / bacteria control, collagen increase…).  Super easy to use, absolutely safe and relaxing!..


Benefits of 7 Colour Light Facial Shield:

Shrink PoreImprove skin toneIncrease skin elasticity,

Reduce freckles and redness

Remove acne

Promote blood circulation

Lock in moisture

Stimulate immune system

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Warranty: 1 Year

Gift Box

English Manual

Can be charged 3-5 times before the next charge


Package includes:

Mask includes USB cable, Rechargeable, Wireless, 

Automatically changes colour every 5 minutes.



7 COLOUR LED Spa Quality Facial Mask, USB, Rechargeable.

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