LED 300Watt LIGHT THERAPY PANEL (for targeted and full body treatments at home)

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4 Colour, customized Blue, Purple, Red and Near-Infrared Lights with customized wavelengths (not available elsewhere in Canada) Also, includes a table top stand, wall hanging hooks, 1 pair of light- blocking goggles. Dual independent switches

Warranty: 2 years

H: 41 cm

W: 24 cm

D: 8 cm




Applications:  Arthritis,  Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Pain, Collagen & Skin tightening, Improve Hair Loss, Speeds muscle recovery time, Speeds up metabolism for weight loss,  Reduces Joint Pain, Boosts Testosterone, Increases Fertility, Reduces Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis discomfort,  assists with Neurological conditions.


Deluxe Full Body Panel (Not available elsewhere in Canda).

Customized Wave lengths of LED Diodes in healing frequencies from 440-850 nanometres.  Safe, proven with over 3,000 Scientific studies completed, and effective. Blue light frequencies assist with Neurological balancing, Red light / Near-Infrared frequencies are effective in reducing inflammation, wound healing,  enhancing healing and dramatically increasing the production of the cell's building blocks - ATP.
For men, Red Light is a safe, potent way to increase testosterone with drugs.

Use for Home Use, Beauty Salon, Medical Spa, Gymnasium.


Skin and Body DELUXE 4 Colour Face Full Body Light Panel

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